Axxess customers can now get Netflix and Hulu - but are they breaking the law? -

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imageAxxess customers can now get Netflix and Hulu - but are they breaking the law? -

The Axxess DNS service enables users to appear as if they are located in other countries. The question is whether this is a crime?

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  • kruiserxkruiserx South Africa
    Does the ECT act apply to data services based internationally as well or does the law only apply to circumventing systems based in South Africa only. And what is Unotelly's legal standing in South Africa? Shouldn't hey be shut down as well then?
    BTW Unotelly is $4.99 (R60 odd)
  • Apologies - that should have read R50-R75, my fault as I still tend to convert to pounds and back and end up with an extra multiple of ten...

    Unotelly's position would be the same - I think the key question is whether or not smartDNS can be useful for anything else as well or only circumventing geolocked video. If there's a legitimate argument that it has other purposes banning outright is unlikely.

    Just to be clear - no-one's arguing anything should be shut down. Paul's a lawyer with a lot of experience in the area, and his conclusion is that if prosecuted, and those two criteria are proved, Axxess' service would probably be found to be in breach of the law. The key would be arguing that those two criteria don't apply I guess (I'm most definitely not a lawyer and that's my interpretation :)
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