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imageiCloud wasn’t breached in celebrity photo leaks - htxt.africa

It was widely believed that Apple’s iCloud was breached to gain entry, but the company has now explained that it wasn’t the case.

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  • "iCloud wasn't breached in this specific way that we're choosing to define the term "breached", it was just compromised in another totally different breach-like kind of way."

    *rolls eyes*
  • Actually I completely agree with you Moonica. I've updated the article to add that.

    Personally, I absolutely lay some part of the blame for this on Apple and any other cloud service that was breached. It was a huge selling point when Apple spokespeople stood on stage and told you how your phone would back everything up and make life wonderful and safe for you.

    Not to outline the risks in giant letters that yes, would screw up your minimalist boxes, and insist on two factor authentication is an abdication of the responsibility that have assumed over very private parts of our lives. The argument that everyone has the knowledge and capacity to turn these things on and its a personal choice simply doesn't wash for me - effectively saying iCloud wasn't breached is just an extension of blaming the victim.

    I've updated the article to add a few more details about this. I'll be writing an op-ed about this very soon - I've just been away for a few days and not had chance.
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