OpenSignal paints a grim picture of Android fragmentation -

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imageOpenSignal paints a grim picture of Android fragmentation -

OpenSignal tries to explain the complicated landscape of Android.

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  • Sorry, maybe I'm missing something quite obvious, but isn't this a non-issue? Does the following sentence surprise anyone, let alone leave them in a state of ill ease?
    "There are several million different types of laptops in the world, all running Windows 7, and that's not even counting the desktop PCs".
  • Kind of. Windows variations used to be a PIA for driver devs, but all apps were (theoretically) abstracted to perfection. With phones the argument is that fragmentation means more work for all developers who have to be more aware of hardware differences and screen sizes.

    Subjectively, we agree with you - and are working on a piece to that effect.
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