Job hunting for Gen Y: the app that turns your phone into a video recruitment agency -

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imageJob hunting for Gen Y: the app that turns your phone into a video recruitment agency -

Impress Me helps you make a good first impression with potential employers using just your smartphone.

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  • "but also whether that candidate will fit into the company culture."

    Which translates as "but also whether the candidate fits the employer's subconscious, internalized biases and discriminations".

    This is one of those things that I think seems like a good idea but is actually a terrible one. It is going to immediately eliminate the shy, the ugly, and people with certain imparements (that would prevent them from using mobile phones) from even applying for a job advertised on Impress Me, never mind getting through first rounds of interviews. Starting with a CV means you are first and foremost judged on your skills and suitability for the role, and secondarily on how you look and sound. Your first impression is a professional one, not a personal one, which is how I think it should be.
  • MartinMartin Cape Town
    Dear Monica,

    If this is the way you feel about the application then I am sure there are other avenues that you as a job seeker can pursue. Impress Me is not there to be bias or to discriminate against anyone. It is there to streamline the process of recruitment. From what you are saying, the same argument can be had for a normal interview and an employer can decide to hire on the preconceived values that you are highlighting.

    Although the CV functions as a part of the candidates profile it doesn't show your personality.

    Impress Me is there to save you and the employer time. Imagine this scenario... You stay in Grabouw and you are interested in applying for a position in Cape Town. The Employer likes your CV and asks you to come for an interview. You don't have a car so you take 4 taxi's and a long train ride. You arrive and you start your interview. Immediately the employer realizes your personality is not aligned for that position and that another position would be more suited. However he/she continues with the interview since you did come a long way. Now you go back and you are informed that you were not shortlisted for the position. From the above scenario you can see that the poor job seeker spent a lot of money on traveling, missed a day at their current job and didn't get the position. Would it not have been a lot more beneficial to the job seeker to go to an interview after the employer already shortlisted them which makes the hire more imminent?

    Your argument can also be turned around and the question can be asked, what if my personality is perfect for the position, but not my CV. How will the traditional CV tell an employer that?

    Nevertheless, its your choice if you want to use it or not. Impress Me is trying to simplify and break away from the traditional recruitment process. We wish you all the best with your job search :)
  • Hi Martin,

    I'm sorry you seem a bit miffed that someone doesn't like an app you appear to have some connection to. Personally I believe it is a good thing to have different viewpoints and discuss the pro's AND cons of new things that enter our world. I would hope that people can see the value of hearing a way of seeing things they might not have previously considered.

    I realise that "Impress Me is not there to be bias or to discriminate against anyone", that is what "internalized and subconscious" means.

    You paint a very idealised picture of one single possible scenario; in that one scenario it is a great tool. That unfortunatly doesn't address the issues that shape my opinions on the matter, and I retain my scepticism.

    I found a fantastic job a few months ago with the old fashioned method - where my skill set and technical suitability got my foot in the door, despite not looking like the other members of my team in many ways. I am not convinced I would be here if they judged me first on that, and THEN on my skills. So, I am not seeking but thank you for your well wishes.

    Moonica (not Monica)
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