Is Internet Explorer at the end of its web? -

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imageIs Internet Explorer at the end of its web? -

The issue of renaming the Internet Explorer browser to move away from the negative publicity and start afresh cropped up.

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  • GtStevensonGtStevenson Centurion, South Africa
    IMHO IE's brand has been so damaged the only way they could change public perception would be to rename the browser. Not sure why they decided against it. Just the name brings up thoughts of horror and nightmares even if the newer versions are in fact better, it still lags behind almost all other browsers in terms of technology and web standards adoption.
  • I'm not sure a simple renaming will also address other problems like the way IE gets included in every Windows machine I buy, unasked and unwelcome, and assumes to proclaim itself the default browswer.

    Nor would it address the culture at Windows that allowed it to become a laughing stock - show us that you will start taking things like compatibility and adherence to international standards seriously, not just a marketing exercise, and maybe I'll be interested.
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