PC gaming is worth more than ever before

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imagePC gaming is worth more than ever before

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  • Great news, I like to consider myself as a good gamer since my childhood. But gaming world is a little expensive to me now. My PC do not support new games. And I don't have much money to upgrade my Computer. I feel sad :(

  • I am PC game Lover. I spend at least two hours per day on gaming. It is a good news for all PC game lovers like me.

  • As the ex-hardware editor for PC Gamer and editor of PC Format global, I'm obviously coming to this with a certain amount of bias. But I'm terrified by the amount of time I've put into Total Warhammer in January...

  • I'm not a serious gamer and barely touch multiplayer (except occasional CS:GO) , but I love my PC. Steam also made games affordable if you are willing to wait for the sales. The only time I use a controller is with racing games (PC-Xbox Remote). However, allot of the newer games have become very demanding on CPU and graphics and playing them in low graphics is just not worth it, so I can imagine if you don't need a PC for anything besides gaming that a console might be a better option. Long live PC Gaming!

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