That weird, square BlackBerry Passport is real -

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imageThat weird, square BlackBerry Passport is real -

Is it hip to be square? The BlackBerry Passport hopes to convince you that it is.

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  • I kinda want to like this, but I doubt it will be successful.

    I used to illustrate to people the concept of screen resolution by showing how many rows/columns of Excel you can see at once. Of course, that only makes sense if you use Excel often. Seems they're trying to do the same thing here...

    The idea of editing spreadsheet on a mobile (which is the example they show in the pic) seems awesome, but in practice this has always failed me... Problem is, somebody who use Excel rigorously will need a bigger screen altogether, probably use other features in Excel which never makes it to the mobile platform, ability to handle tons of data and a numpad... nothing that I can see this device will solve. I can't comment on the other "trades" they mentioned, although it seems to me most of it will be better suited on a tablet in any case.

    I'm willing to guess they will probably be better off with a proper mobile app for a 'regular" 16:9 smartphone or a tablet app...
  • The most important question is: does it fit in a standard shirt pocket? I like the Galaxy range for the fact that it fits in all pockets and have a usable screen, but it is a bit small for browsing. So if it fits AND can run android apps I want one!
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