.africa at last? ICANN finally allowed to start delegating continental gTLD

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image.africa at last? ICANN finally allowed to start delegating continental gTLD

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    "Yeah, we have a vested interest in this one because it’s not like we’ve been waiting for three and a half years to actually use the name we thought would be available in 2013 or anything"

    I was just gonna say htxt.africa will be perfect.

  • @RodneyVikens That was the idea. We started a soft launch - testing some ideas, writing a couple of stories a day etc - of the site in June 2013, with the plan that the .africa addresses would be allocated by the end of the year, so that when we launched properly at the end of the year we'd be one of the first with a .africa address, so would gain some traffic and clarity about our mission from that.

    Three and a half years later and we just look a little pretentious... :)

  • I don't understand. What's a gTLD. Someone help me out here.

  • It's the generic Top Level Domain. So every domain name ends with a specific code - like .com, .ac, .co.za, .co.uk - which tells you a bit about where the site is registered.

    Historically, these were limited to things like .co, .com, .ac, .org and a country identifier (.za). For the last few years, ICANN has been making hundreds more niche ones available, partly because people wanted them but also to try and stop cybersquatting (where you buy the rights to, say, dictionary.co.za for a few bucks then try and charge a million rand for it).

    .africa is one that I personally think is quite important, but has been held up in a legal battle for four years.

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